Many members of the Santa Cruz community are dedicated to promoting opportunities and rights for ex-offenders. Success of the initiatives related to this cause is dependent on motivation, commitment, and time from community members. If you are interested in helping out, please contact David True from the Community Action Board ( or Angela Irvine from Ceres Policy Research (

Ban the Box:

allofusquoteThe Ban the Box movement is a nationwide effort to remove the question about past convictions on applications for employment and promote equal opportunities for ex-offenders. Recently, major cities such as Boston, Chicago, St. Paul, and Minneapolis have adopted policies that include elements of the Ban the Box initiative. In 2005, the All Of Us Or None campaign successfully passed a resolution through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors which ended discrimination against ex-felons on public job applications.

In Santa Cruz, efforts have been made to reach out to those who have had success with the Ban the Box movement and bring it to our community.

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National Organizations and News:

  • Inmate Outreach Project: Organization dedicated to helping students across the country create a relationship with the nearest correction facility to provide education to inmates and raise awareness about incarceration issues.

  • New York Times Prisons and Prisoners: News about prisons and prisoners, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.
  • Reentry Policy Council: A national organization that assists state government officials grappling with the increasing number of people leaving prisons and jails to return to the communities they left behind.

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